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Thread: Dexter

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    What do you think about the name Dexter? How about paired with big brother Riley?

    I think a lot of people I know associate the name with the serial killer show, Dexter, but we just love the name and feel like, if we have a boy in the next year or so, his peers likely will not know the association.

    What are all of your thoughts on this name and association?

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    I have never watched the show. I really like Dexter and love the nickname Dex. I think it is very handsome. I think Dexter and Riley make a wonderful sibling set.
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    I love it, and I think it goes really well with Riley.

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    I have seen quite a bit of the show Dexter and it does make me think of it when I hear the name, but I like the name anyways and I think that if people want to, they will find negative associations with any name, so if I like a name for good reason, I keep it on my list. Because if I listened to every negative association I heard was attached to a name I'd have a very limited list to choose from when I do have kids. So I say go with what you like and let your child own that name and once people start associating Dexter with him it might make them see it in a different light!

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    I don't think of the show - I very much like Dexter, and think it pairs fantastically with Riley.

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