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Thread: Ellen?

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    I like the name Ellen, but I was a little concerned that everyone's immediate association would be Ellen DeGeneres. Do you think it could work on an actual baby girl?
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    I think Ellen is one of those common classic names and I doubt most people would associate it with a single person (on the top of my head, I also think of Ellen Page, Ellen Burstyn and Ellen Pompeo, not to mention all the Helens).

    I think Ellen would be lovely on a little girl, especially with the nicknames Ellie, Elle, or Nell.
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    Classic and solid. I have a soft spot for Ellen. I also don’t immediately associate it with Ellen DeGeneres. There are so many Ellen’s out there.
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    I would absolutely work. It not a one of a kind name like Cher. But it hasn't become ultra popular either although Ella has.

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    I have known one young girl named Ellen. It didn't immediately make me think of Ellen Degeneres but I'm not sure how well I like it for a little girl - makes me think of someone older. I prefer Elin.

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