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    6 child QUIZ - with choices!

    FN: What is the last digit in your age?
    0 - Draco, Benjamin, Samuel
    1 - Sebastian, Brady, Jack
    2 - Rupert, Caleb, Ewan
    3 - Finn, Elijah, Kennedy
    4 - Edmund, Judah, Peregrine
    5 - Thomas, Levi, Ronan
    6 - Asher, Patrick, Lewis
    7 - Orion, Malcolm, William
    8 - Gale, Luca, Shepherd
    9 - Benedict, Weston, Raleigh

    MN: Who would you rather meet?
    William Shakespeare - Atticus, Marius, Dominic
    Sir Winston Churchill - Julius, Remus, Severus
    J. R. R. Tolkien - Cassius, Cornelius, Ignatius
    Ludwig van Beethoven - Felix, Augustus, Aristotle
    Alfred Hitchcock - Maximus, Tiberius, Caspian
    Mother Teresa - Rufus, Amadeus, Alexander
    Amelia Earhart - Cato, Albus, Theron
    Jane Austen - Octavius, Antonius, Ferdinand
    Julia Child - Marcus, Cassian, Alaric
    Harriet Tubman - Lucius, Cyrus, Perseus

    FN: What is your favourite fruit?
    Apple - Lola, Evangeline, Dorothy
    Pear - Maple, Summer, Kate
    Pineapple - Pippa, Marilyn, Edith
    Strawberry - Eloise, Clover, Imogen
    Blueberry - Daisy, Echo, Matilda
    Raspberry - Molly, Juniper, Lark
    Grape - Georgia, Liberty, Poppy
    Coconut - Agnes, Meredith, Colette
    Cherry - Elsa, Annabella, Miriam
    Other - Maeve, Willow, Eugenia

    MN: What is your favourite day of the week?
    Sunday - Arwen, Giselle, Isolde
    Monday - Artemis, Ingrid, Roxanne
    Tuesday - Astrid, Johanna, Hermione
    Wednesday - Berenice, Petra, Eliza
    Thursday - Bernadette, Rosalind,
    Friday - Xenia, Alexandra, Coraline
    Saturday - Aria, Regina, Meryl
    All of them! - Eowyn, Tiana, Viola

    FN: What is your birth month?
    January/February - Lyra, Moira, Margaret
    March/April - Stella, Eris, Andromeda
    May/June - Luna, Rhea, Gemma
    July/August - Bellatrix, Calypso, Maia
    September/October - Nova, Phoebe, Gaia
    November/December - Aurora, Ariel, Vera

    MN: Guilty pleasure music?
    Katy Perry - Emerald, Winter, Magenta
    Lady Gaga - Rose, Auburn, Paisley
    Justin Bieber - Ruby, Olive, Bianca
    One Direction - Clementine, Sage, Rosa
    Taylor Swift - Violet, Hazel, Lila
    N*SYNC - Celeste, Ginger, Gwendolyn
    Pitbull - Scarlett, Jenna, Claire
    Lorde - Mauve, Jade, Bronwen
    Nicki Minaj - Iris, Clara, Alba
    Olly Murs - Pearl, Isabelline, Amethyst

    FN: If you could only travel to one of the following, where would you go?
    Paris - Elisabeth, Amelie, Juliet
    London - Madeleine, Irene, Adele
    Berlin - Rosalie, Alice, Henrietta
    Los Angeles - Elsie, Georgette, Leah
    New York City - Lucy, Susan, Mara
    Rio de Janeiro - Florence, Anna, Bridget
    Cairo - Vera, Ella, Hannah
    Jerusalem - Antoinette, Kate, Nora
    Sydney - Mabel, Sybil, Eleanor
    Tokyo - Laura, Mary, Honora

    MN: Your phobia?
    Acrophobia (heights) - Adoria, Evangelina, Tatiana
    Claustrophobia (enclosed spaces) - Anastasia, Gabriella, Tess
    Nyctophobia (dark) - Angelica, Isadora, Vivianne
    Ophidiophobia (snakes) - Antonia, Lara, Phoebe
    Arachnophobia (spiders) - Arabella, Lillian, Rosalind
    Trypanophobia (needles) - Chloe, Mariella, Lucinda
    Astraphobia (thunder and lightning) - Christabel, Natalia, Lolita
    Nosophobia (disease) - Cleopatra, Ramona, Claire
    Germophobia (germs) - Dorothea, Susannah, Kenna
    Triskaidekaphobia (number 13) - Emma, Seraphina, Fiona

    FN: Favourite Disney movie?
    Cinderella - Arthur, Conrad, Lazarus
    Beauty and the Beast - Lucan, Milo, Hendrik
    The Frog Princess - Percival, Luther, Alfred
    Rapunzel - Tristan, Daniel, Alistair
    Peter Pan - Gavin, Leo, Garreth
    The Lion King - Lance, Magnus, Frederick
    Finding Nemo - Mark, Griffin, Theobald
    Other - Constantine, Seth, Francis

    MN: If you could travel to the 20th century, what decade would you travel to?
    1910's - Anderson, Garrison, Mason
    1920's - Benson, Grayson, Orson
    1930's - Branson, Harrison, Payson
    1940's - Bryson, Hudson, Samson
    1950's - Carson, Jackson, Tennyson
    1960's - Davison, Jameson, Tyson
    1970's - Denison, Jefferson, Wilson
    1980's - Edison, Jenson, Addison
    1990's - Emerson, Judson, Ellison

    FN: Preferred beverage?
    Coffee - Jaxon, Huntington, Dexter
    Water - Huckleberry, Zeke, Tuck
    Orange juice - Rex, Flynn, Colby
    Apple juice - Destry, Silas, Ben
    Energy drink - Thatcher, August, Indie
    Cola - Fritz, Leo, Troy
    Ginger ale - Ezra, Chuck, Murphy
    Green tea - Carson, Louie, Wyatt
    Milk - Rory, Phineas, Fox

    MN: What is your zodiac sign?
    Capricorn - Adrian, Thomas, Willoughby
    Aquarius - Alfred, Cecil, Theo
    Pisces - Charles, Christian, Bennett
    Aries - Edgar, Duncan, Samuel
    Taurus - Edward, George, Alec
    Gemini - Henry, Livingstone, Simon
    Cancer - Jasper, Patrick, Davis
    Leo - Leopold, Abraham, Calloway
    Virgo - Nicholas, Calvin, Hugh
    Libra - Philip, Oscar, Benedict
    Scorpio - Niall, Albert, Ralph
    Sagittarius - Richard, Nathaniel, Stephan
    Names I love right now:
    Arthur - George - Henry - Jack - Edmund
    Matilda - Sophie - Blythe - Sybil - Jane

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    Names I love right now:
    Arthur - George - Henry - Jack - Edmund
    Matilda - Sophie - Blythe - Sybil - Jane

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    Sports obsessed, book lover, name lover, & collector. Teenberry. Current favorites:

    Boys: Blake, Elliott, Jonah, Keegan, & Riley.
    Girls: Adeline, Emilia, Felicity, Maya, & Ruby.

    Please vote on my name list: Here! (Updated!)
    (You may have to refresh the page if the 'error private list' message shows up.)

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    Current Favorites:
    Bay, Isabeau *Iso*, Lux, Phoebe, Vada
    Barrett, Grayer, Judson, Rockwell *Wells*, Solomon *Solo*

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    Sydney, Australia

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