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    Cair Paravel :)

    Can you do any better than Leo Kirill?

    I've been puzzling over a middle name for Leo for a while now, and the best I seem to have come up with so far is Leo Kirill. I'm a big fan of quirky, off-the-beaten-path names from other cultures, and Kirill appeals to me massively on that level, and I do like Leo and Kirill together, but I'm just not wowed by it. I'm not sure if it's just not what I was hoping for/looking for in a Leo combo, or if it's just not the right FN to pair with Kirill, but I feel like I need something better.

    I think, ideally, I'd like something both literary and international and sensitive, but perhaps that is a bit of a high calling. I've noticed I find the look of a "C" name after Leo quite aesthetically pleasing, too. I've tossed around Leo Gaspard, Leo Caspian, Leo Benjamin... nothing seems to be sticking. Any of you Berries have some great Leo combos out there?

    All I ask is no Leo Sebastian! I like Sebastian--I love Twelfth Night!--but I can't get into Leo Sebastian.

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    I like Leo Kirill, but I thought of Leo Cecil, Leo Cyrus, Leo Cygnus, and Leo Crispin. I think these are slightly adventurous (considering current trends) with nice history to them. Good luck!

    I'm just a third-culture girl with an affinity for names.

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    Kirill looks too much like krill to me, I saw that and was kind of taken aback. (I'm pretty flexible about names too) If you love it though, you can go crazy and it's the middle spot so that's a good place for it.

    No Casper? I love this name but I can't get the hubby to go for it. I like Caspian too:

    I think actually my favorite would be:
    Leo Mars
    Leo Caspian

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    Although nms I like Kirill. I also like Leo, although I prefer it as a nickname. It feels unfinished to me although I know it is a perfectly valid name on its own.

    Leonardo Kirill has the wow factor for me that Leo Kirill doesn't have. I like Leo Gaspard and also Leo Caspian from your other suggestions.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I do like a lot of similar names (like Cyrille--another international variant of Cyril!--Cyril, Cyrus, Cyprus, Cyprian, etc.), but idk, I just love saying Kirill. KEER-ill. KEER-ill. KEER-ill. It's catchy! I'm hesitant to let it go because I don't really like Kirill paired with any of my other favorites, but I'm not sure Leo Kirill is really it. Is Leo Cyrille any better?

    @anaxandra - I like both Caspar and Gaspard--they both honor a friend who passed away several years ago, and my little sister--but I always seem to prefer Gaspard. It seems a wee bit more exotic--or rather, more international? more unexpected? more un-American, and way more European?--than Caspar (even though I love most of its forms! Kaspar, Gaspar, Gaspard, Caspar, even Kasper...). Besides, my best friend had loved both of them. She had preferred Gaspard, but could never get her husband to agree, but he would agree to Caspar. They had triplets, and if the third had been a boy he would have been Caspar. She ended up with one boy and two girls, so she didn't get a Caspar, or a Gaspard. I don't know, I just feel like even if she can't have either one, at least I could maybe have a Gaspard in her honor. I've grown to like it best because she liked it best. So I still consider Caspar from time to time, but I still like Gaspard more. I sort of like Leo Pascal or Leo Cosmo (this probably wouldn't work, but Leopold Cosmo might...), or even Leopold Ezra...

    @themamae - I used to feel that way, too (I used to try and lengthen it to Leopold or Leander, even Elliot?), but I've grown to love just simple Leo. And as you say, it is a valid name on its own, so I'm not too fussed at this point about coming up with a longer name (if I did, though, it'd be Leopold, which I adore!).

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