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Thread: Larkin?

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    Haven't even brought this name up with DH yet.

    Larkin, I know it is traditionally a male name, but if you didn't already know it to be a boy name and just randomly read / heard it, would you think boy or girl?

    I like it, but I'm worried it is too feminine, despite origins and meaning.

    The name would be Larkin Matthew or Larkin Robert.

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    This is a great name.
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    I really like it, I'm just concerned about the baby going through life forever being expected to be female based on his name

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    Larkin is nice but a bit IT. I like how Larkin Matthew sounds.
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    Besides Lark (which is a nature name and therefore unisex, right?), there isn't anything feminine about Larkin.

    I think the association with Link Larkin (character in the Hairspray musical) makes it workable on a male.
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