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    Lightbulb Leo vs. Eli - Which one would you choose if you had to choose one?

    Which would you choose if you had to choose between Leo and Eli? Why?

    Possible middle names include Anderson, Atlas, Cruze, Grey, Hale, Hudson, James, River, Samuel, and Spencer.
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    Leo for me, though I like Eli. Leo Anderson (family surname) is actually extremely high on my list if I ever have another boy.
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    I really like Eli.
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    Anneline/Anneleine ?
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    I'd choose Leo. Leo is adorable, yet masculine and ages well. My dog is named Eli, and it kind of feels incomplete to me.
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    We have very similar tastes i love Leo, Anderson, Spencer, Hudson, James, and Grey! Leo Anderson or Leo James are my top picks
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