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    Flora Gwendolyn is gorgeous - I love it! I am also one who prefers the Gwendolen spelling, but I like Gwendolyn too.

    Faye Cordelia or Faye Susannah would make nice combos.

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    Flora goes with Gwendolyn better than Faye I think, but either goes nicely. Flora Susannah doesn't sound right at all to me, and nor does Faye Cordelia. Faye Eleanor is beautiful though. Faye Annabel is middle of the road to me - a bit boring but not awful.
    For Gwendolyn, how about trying alternate spellings to see if it looks better to you - Gwendolen, Gwendoline, Gwendolin or Guendolen. Or you could use the shortened form Gwen - Flora Gwen is lovely.
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