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  • Lila Camille

    18 39.13%
  • Lila Victoria

    7 15.22%
  • Lila Maria

    2 4.35%
  • Lila Catherine

    19 41.30%
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    Middle Name for Lila

    hi! My husband and I are *currently* agreeing on the fn Lila for our baby coming this October. It is my top choice. As far as middle names, I want to use a family name because that is my family tradition (a new name with an inherited middle)--but he wants to use his top choice, Camille. I think it's a good compromise but I'm a little sad about the prospect of not keeping with that tradition.

    As for the FN and MN ending in the same A-sound. I know this isn't popular on Nameberry, but we are Cuban and Colombian, so this is very traditional for us and in Spanish--very pretty. I am a Cristina Maria, my mother Ana Maria, his sister Daniela Carolina, etc. etc. etc. so that isn't a deterent for us.

    Every name included except for Camille is a choice made for family legacy.

    I'm just curious which you like best! And why?
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    My favorite is Lila Catherine.

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    I really like the flow/vibes of Lila Camille and Lila Victoria.

    I actually love -a -a combos--I grew up in a predominantly Hispanic community, so I heard them a lot. Lila Victoria would probably be my pick because of the 2-4 syllable pattern, and because it sounds great in both English and Spanish accents.
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    I like Lila Catherine for its classic beauty and Lila Camille for its sweet vintage charm.
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    Lila Camille! Camille is one of my favorites!

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