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    This is the name book I love too! I got the newest on my Nook, it's great fun to be able to use the search function. I'm such a name dork I've always enjoyed reading through name books even when I don't have babies to name!

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    How cool! Would you mind looking up the names Georgia, Imogen, Thatcher, and August for me?

    I've never heard of this book before, I'll have to look it up!
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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    Would you mind looking up Leo and Iris for me?
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    Georgia (Johr-jə)
    Popularity: #305
    Styles: Place Names, Country and Western, Antique Charm, Greek
    Nicknames: Georgie
    Variants: Georgina, Georgiana, Georgette, Jorja
    Sisters: Charlotte, Lillie, Josephine, Stella, Lucy, Scarlett, Ruby, Caroline
    Brothers: Charlie, Maxwell, Emmett, Henry, Luke, Theo, Walker, Eli

    Imogen (IM-oh-jehn)
    Popularity: #1874
    Styles: Exotic Traditional, English, Shakespearean
    Variants: Imogene, Innogen
    Sisters: Beatrix, Hermione, Phoebe, Poppy, Eloise, Verity
    Brothers: Barnaby, Alistair, Archer, Felix, Fraser, Gareth

    Thatcher (THATCH-er)
    Popularity: #1113
    Styles: Last Name First
    Nicknames: Thatch
    Sisters: Berkley, Landry, Shiloh, Leighton, Emerson, Bristol
    Brothers: Watson, Sawyer, Brantley, Tucker, Sutton, Briggs

    August (AW-guhst)
    Popularity: #398
    Styles: Ladies and Gentlemen, Charms and Graces, Antique Charm
    Nicknames: Gus, Augie
    Variants: Augustus, Augusto
    Sisters: Clara, Eleanor, Honor, Georgia, Aurelia, Violet
    Brothers: Emmett, Theodore, Julius, Anders, Jasper, Solomon


    Leo (Lee-oh)
    Popularity: #405
    Styles: Guys and Dolls, Saints,. Antique Charm, Short and Sweet
    Sisters: Lucy, Mia, Nora, Ruby, Clara, Lillie
    Brothers: Max, Oliver, Jude, Felix, Milo, Sam

    Iris (IY-ris)
    Popularity: #303
    Styles: Timeless, Charms and Graces, Mythological, Shakespearean, Nickname-Proof
    Sisters: Hazel, Violet, Ione, Flora, Sybil, Juliet
    Brothers: Arlo, Everett, Reuben, Rex, Leo, Calvin
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