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    Winston (WIN-stən)
    Popularity: #742
    Style: Last Names First
    Nicknames: Win, Winnie
    Sisters: Augusta, Flora, Virginia, Rosalie, Margery, Delta
    Brothers: Stanton, Truman, Talmadge, Linwood, Hilton, Barclay

    Rosemary (ROHZ -meh-ree)
    Popularity: #654
    Style: Solid Citizens, Charms and Graces, Why Not?
    Nicknames: Romy, Rosie, Rose, Roxie
    Variants: Rosemarie
    Sisters: Marjorie, June, Penelope, Dorothy, Cecilia, Beverly, Joy, Marianne
    Brothers: Vaughn, Russell, Clark, Stanton, Royce, Calvin, Forrest, Clifton


    Flora (FLOH-rə )
    Popularity: #1724
    Styles: Charms and Graces, Ladies and Gentlemen, Saints, Mythological, Why Not?
    Nicknames: Flo, Flossie
    Variants: Fleur
    Sisters: Louisa, Olive, Vera, Clio, Adela, Rhea
    Brothers: Leo, Felix, Victor, Julius, Casper, Hugh

    Ophelia didn't have a section, but I did find Ophelia in the index suggested as a sister to Alethea, Octavia, Cornelius, Leander and Napoleon.

    Ophelia was also in three list called Exotic Traditionals, Lacy & Lissome and Shakespearean. If you want the lists I'll type them up and send it to you in a PM either tonight or sometime tomorrow.

    Elliott (EH-lee-ət)
    Popularity: #305
    Styles: Timeless, Nickname-Proof
    Variants: Elliot, Eliot
    Sisters: Camille, Ivy, Daphne, Juliet, Scarlet, Piper
    Brothers: Simon, Bennett, Graham, Maxwell, Roman, Miles
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    Alaric Matthew (Ronen) | Elijah Serafin (Lior) | James Balthazar (Henrik) | Jasper Samuel (Orion) | Gideon Rhys (Malachi) | Edmund Leander (Giles) | Damian Frédéric (Blaise)
    Lilith Seraphine | Freyja Hermione | Katarina Beatrice | Cordelia Violette | Caroline Safira | Hazel Andromeda | Saskia Temperance | Saskia Rosemary
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    () = Second middles

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