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    The Baby Name Wizard!

    I finally decided to order the book after I had to return the libraries copy. I am now the thrilled owner of Laura Wattenberg's The Baby Name Wizard 3rd Edition, and I'd be happy to look up names if anyone wants me to.

    An example for anyone who doesn't know much about the book:

    Madeline (MA-də lin, MA-də liyn)
    Styles: Antique Charm, Literary and Artistic
    Variants: Madeleine, Madalyn, Madelynn, Maddalena
    Sisters: Isabel, Caroline, Annalise, Claire, Abigail, Charlotte, Juliet, Annabelle
    Brothers: Maxwell, Owen, Caleb, Carson, Oliver, Nathaniel, Samuel, Alexander

    There are so many new things to this edition. It is at least double the size of the previous one and has over forty different name styles. I'm psyched. I probably haven't been this excited about a book since the Harry Potter series.
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    The sibling suggestions are a great idea! I may have to order this one; thank you for the review!
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    I'm a sibset person so I've had this book for years. It's a fabulous book for parents or name lovers to browse through for cohesive names of the same style family. I hope Ms Wattenberg continues the series with newer editions each year. I'm glad you're pumped!
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    I love Madeleine! Its a coincidence that Caleb, Maxwell, Caroline, Juliet, and Anneliese (Annalise) are all on my long list!

    Could you look up Hazel and Beatrice?
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    Amazing! It sounds like an awesome book.

    Would you mind looking up Nora for me? Thanks!

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