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    Goddess of Salt Water?

    - I came across the name of the Roman deity;
    the Goddess of Salt water: Salacia (sah-lay-see-a or Sah-lay-shuh)

    She was the personification of the calm and sunlit ocean, considered beautiful, and married Neptune. The 'Sal' part is where the word salt is derived. I'm rather smitten with the name, it does seem very refreshing, even beautiful and dainty, but does the salt aspect of the name ruin the name in a negative way.

    Also, What do you think of Salacia Charlotte as a contending name option?

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    love the story and sound, hate the meaning of id try to find another goddess or something similar...

    what about porcelina...i remember it from that smashing pumpkins song..porcelina of the vast ocean...
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    This is a lovely name! Good find! I prefer the first pronunciation, sah-lay-see-a. I never woul have pulled the salt connection, but it does look distinctly Roman/Italian. I'm not a fan if Salacia Charlotte though, it flows, but it feels off, not sure why. But I do like the name for sure.
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    I think the meaning and sound is pretty, but the potential association to salacious is a big turn-off for me.

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    I didn't make the connection to the word 'salacious' right off the bat, but I do love this name!
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