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    I love Madeleine also. The sibling suggestions have some of my favorites also(Caroline, Isabel, Charlotte and Alexander). It's pretty on point for me.

    Hazel (HAY-zəl)
    Popularity: #211
    Styles: Charms and Graces, Antique Charm, Nickname-Proof
    Sisters: Alice, Stella, Pearl, Violet, Millicent, Iris, Olive
    Brothers: August, Milo, Julius, Felix, Otto, Casper, Everett

    Beatrice (BEE-ə-tris, BEE-tris, bay-ə-TREES
    Popularity: #707
    Styles: Ladies and Gentlemen, French, English, Shakespearean, Why Not?
    Nicknames: Bea, Bebe, Tricia, Tris
    Variants: Beatrix, Beatriz
    Sisters: Clementine, Eleanor, Violet, Eloise, Charlotte, Genevieve
    Brothers: Theodore, Oliver, Frederick, Louis, Felix, Everett

    It really is a great book. One of my favorite name books to browse when I have free time. I suggest picking it up at the library first to see if it's the type of name book you want. It doesn't have a meanings in it.

    Me too. One of the reasons I first picked it up was to find sibling names that would complement my favorites. I hope she continues the series too.
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    Nora (NOH-rə)
    Popularity: #137
    Styles: Antique Charm, Celtic, Nickname-Proof
    Variants: Norah
    Sisters: Clara, Lucy, Eliza, Nina, Stella, Molly
    Brothers: Owen, Charlie, Angus, Jack, Murphy, Nolan
    Nora is a nickname to Eleanora, Leonora or Honora.
    Dany (Also known as Athena Danielle)
    Auntie to Q | Momma to a kit named Zola Bastet
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    What an amazing book! I always love to see what names people put together and the history of names interests me also. Are any of the ones in my signature featured? Don't trouble yourself, I was just wondering. Thank you for the great shout X
    Eulalie/Eulalia Clio & Lysander James

    Ferelith November
    Melisende Daisy

    Oberon (Bear) (mn suggestions welcome)

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    Okay so this book sounds really interesting. Could you look up two for me: Jackson and Lila!!! Take your time it can be whenever, I'm in no rush. Thank you. And where did you buy this book? I might have to buy one for myself.
    Harper Finley, Lila Mary, Rory Addison, Reagan Mailys, Bryn Olivia

    Jackson Henry, Carter Grant, Elliot John, Sawyer Theodore, Grady Rhys

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    Sounds like a great book! I'll have to look into buying a copy for myself. Im due in 6 weeks & still haven't settled into a name for our 2nd daughter. Cold you look up sibling suggestions for Naomi? I would be happy to hear what it says!

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