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    CAF with Name Bank

    Names are all from a book I just finished, very similar to The Giver . Enjoy (:

    LN: Greenspoon, Pratt, Blessing, Whyte, Tuttle, MacLaren, Teasdale, Tannenbaum, Applebee, Edwards, Lynch

    Girls Name Bank:
    Allegra, Honor, Pamela, Hope, Honey, Henrietta, Harriet, Helena, Hester, Hilary, Hildegard, Alice, Felicia, Gina, Hattie, July, Clara, Hecuba, Hannah, Hephzibah, Hypolita, Heloise, Fanny, Gretel, Elspeth, Eva, Gale, Dorothy, Irina, Laetitia, Haven, Rebecca, Jessie, Jill, Rapunzel, Jocasta

    Boys Name Bank:
    Ezra, Gabriel, Elijah, Will, Abner, Octavio, Michael, Helix, Berthold, Daniel, Hephaestus, Quintillian, Hawthorn, Hector, Sweeney, Dale, Abe

    Unisex Choices: (use anywhere you'd like)
    Hiroko, Brodie, Hedwig, Romulus, Cordova, Hortense, Hagar, Eglantine



    Dog 1;breed? :
    Dog 2;breed? :
    Bentley Ryder<3
    Took his first breath June 9th, 2014.

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    new york
    LN: Greenspoon
    DH: Hector Gabriel
    DW: Eva Rapunzel

    DS1: Quintillian Michael
    DD1/DS2: Heloise Rebecca // Helix Elijah
    DD2: Hattie Jocasta
    DD3/DD4/DD5: Hope Irina // Hannah Elspeth // Hilary Felicia
    DS3/DS4: Ezra Hephaestus // Hagar Cordova
    DD6: July Henrietta
    DD7/DD8/DD9/DS5: Gretel Allegra // Helena Alice // Gina Hephzibah // Octavio Hawthorn

    Dog 1; Yorkie: Romulus
    Dog 2; Daschund: Brodie
    Bentley Ryder<3
    Took his first breath June 9th, 2014.

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    LN: Pratt
    DH: Elijah Sweeney "Eli"
    DW: Harriet Honor

    DS1: Will Hawthorn
    DD1/DS2: Hattie Rebecca & Gabriel Helix "Gabe"
    DD2: Eva July "EJ"
    DD3/DD4/DD5: Clara Elspeth, Alice Haven, Helena Gretel
    DS3/DS4: Ezra Hedwig & Brodie Abner
    DD6: Laetitia Hester "Tia"
    DD7/DD8/DD9/DS5: Jessie Felicia "Jess", Hannah Irina, Jocasta Hope "Jo" & Cordova Michae "Cord"

    Dog 1: Dorothy
    Dog 2: Octavio

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    LN: Edwards
    DH: Abe Hawthorn
    DW:Jessie Felicia

    DS1: Abe Hawthorn Jr.
    DD1/DS2: Eva Heloise & Ezra Sweeney
    DD2: Hattie Allegra
    DD3/DD4/DD5: Michael Abner & Alice Henrietta & Clara Rapunzel
    DS3/DS4: Gabriel Dale *Gabe* & Daniel *Dan* Elijah
    DD6: Hannah Gale
    DD7/DD8/DD9/DS5: Hope Irina & Helena Elspeth *Lena* & Haven Gretel & Helix Will

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    LN: Tannenbaum
    DH: Dale Octavio
    DW: Clara Dorothy

    DS1: Hawthorn Elijah
    DD1/DS2: Gretel Irina and Romulus Hector
    DD2: Hattie Rebecca
    DD3/DD4/DD5: Elspeth Haven, Fanny Jocasta, and Heloise Rapunzel
    DS3/DS4: Quintillian Gabriel and Ezra Berthold
    DD6: Allegra Gale
    DD7/DD8/DD9/DS5: Henrietta Jill, Helena Alice, Hilary Pamela, and Helix Michael

    Dog 1: Honey
    Dog 2: Abe

    Dale and Clara Tannenbaum with Thorn (16), Gigi and Romy (14), Hattie (13), Els, Fanny, and Heloise (12), Quin and Ezra (10), Allie (6), Etta, Lena, Hilary, and Helix (4), and Honey and Abe.

    Vote on my list!

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