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    A Basic BNG with 3 or 4 kids

    Find a pair of dice (real or virtual) that add up to 12.
    Choose the DH and DW's names from anywhere.
    Roll for each name.

    1. If you get a number greater than or equal to 5, it's a girl! Less than 5, it's a boy.
    1a. If it's a boy, choose a name from the last book you read.
    1b. If it's a girl, choose the frilliest name you can think of.
    2. If your number is odd, you have a girl. Even is a boy.
    2a. The girl name is any double barrel name starting with Rose.
    2b. The boy name is a stereotypically nerdy name that you can see being revived.
    3. (you don't need the dice) If you're over 13 years old, your last child is a boy. If you're 12 or under, it's a girl. If you're 12 but almost 13, boy/girl twins are in store.
    3a. For any boy, pick a Latino name.
    3b. For any girl, pick a virtue name.

    I hope you enjoyed yourself!
    Coming back after a long, accidental hiatus from the site.

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    Beckett Booker Cormac Cruz Dashiell Donovan Finn Hudson Jude Matteo Miles Zane

    Bronwyn Cameron Delilah Georgia Lark Maisie Paloma Sam Sasha Siena Violet Willa

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    Current Favorite Combos (not necessarily all of my favorite names):
    Alba Jolene, Avia Merrick, Hazel Deanna, Jovie Wren, Kendra Elise, Lux Athena, Margo Wren, Oona Lorene, Phoebe Alexis
    Ansel Gregory, Byron Robert, Ford Jeffrey, Lyle Prescott, Seaton Leo, Solomon Jack *Solo*

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    xoxo Sam
    (Current faves: Leighton, Serena, Cassidy, Callahan, Logan, Tucker, Hunter, Sawyer)

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    West Midlands, UK
    H: Caleb Wyatt
    W: Leonora Suvi

    D: Annabella Evangelina
    S: Eugene George
    S: Sebastian Dante

    Caleb (30) and Nora (31) with: Annie (5), Gene (2), and Seb (6mo).
    Hakuna Matata * Ohana
    Octavia ~ Enzo ~ Willow ~ Clark

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