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    Generation after Generation

    So in this game each player names a new generation of a family. This is how it works:

    First roll the dice to see which child will be heir. (The one whose children and DW/DH you will be naming)

    If you roll a larger number than the number of kids, just continue counting back at one. (For instance, if you roll a six, but there are only four kids you would count 1-2-3-4-1-2 and the second child would be the heir.)

    Then roll to see how many kids the heir will have. Roll again for each child to determine gender. Even=girl, odd=boy.

    You will chose the names of the heir's children and DH/DW from a list(s) that the previous player gives. (It can be one list or a boy list and a girl list).

    After naming, leave a list for the next player to use for the next generation.

    I'll start using this list.

    DW: Georgia Marin
    DH: Jasper Gerrit

    DS: Penn Conran
    DS: Leonardo Cole
    DD: Blake Monet

    List for next generation:
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    DW: Esmeralda Dulce
    DH: Antonio Cesar
    DS: Cristian Cesar
    DD: Mariana Dulce
    DS: Leonardo Xavier
    DD: Karina Angel
    (heir) DD: Camila Penelope
    DS: Miguel Sergio
    DS: Carlos Antonio
    DD: Valentina Bianca
    DS: Marco Manuel
    DD: Liliana Alicia
    DS: Emiliano Hector
    DD: Ana Guadalupe

    New list:
    ***Note, be sure your lists can make enough combos for if the people are unlucky (like me) and roll a twelve! I ran out of boy and girl names on the list I was given so I reused the parents' names.
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    @sparkleninja18- sorry! I didn't even think about that! I'll switch it to a six-side die.

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