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    Name for girl character

    Genre of Story: Young Adult

    Time Period/Location: Modern day Texas

    Brief Plot: The story basically follows a teenage girl (Albertina) as she grows up

    Character Description: She's very short (5 ft), has long golden hair, blue eyes, very bubbly and happy, she loves writing, poetry, and baking. Wears glasses and is a very feminine sunshine girl. She's 17.

    Who named the character: Her parents (middle class, normal people)

    Already Considered: Emma, Louise, Clara, Poppy (not sold on any of these)

    Anything else: Still deciding on her last name, but it may be Abbott, Brecken, or Ellery. Not the main character, but still important.

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    Many of the students I've had from Texas have had slightly unusual names, often for Texas towns.
    What about Layne or Tyler?

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    Amelia Grace, Arwen Paisley, Catherine Scarlett, Delaney Emma, Guinevere Ireland, Kelsey Danielle, Lillian Summer, Olivia Paige, Rebecca Lynn, Sydney Hope, Tallulah Eloise, Victoria Ty

    Alexander James, Dylan Connor, Gabriel Blake, Gerard Rowan, Hayden Christopher, Jason Luke, Jordan Noel, Patrick Owen, Samuel Isaac, Timothy Drake, William Clark, Zachary Reid

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    I imagine a young Texas miss as a Felice, Ree or Carmen.

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