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    off beat, quirky, wes anderson-ish names for girls?

    I really love off beat kind of names that sound kind of clunky. Names like Margo or Hector, both of which are gaining popularity but where I live they are rare. My love of Margo started with Margot Tennenbaum from Wes Anderson's film The Royal Tennenbaums. I love names from his films, well I just love his films full stop. Can anyone think of any other names like this?
    Thank you x
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    I love Wes Anderson as well

    In his new movie (Grand Budapest Hotel) there is a character named Agatha, which is lovely. For boy names, I am fond of Ash, the name of one of the foxes in his Fantastic Mr. Fox.

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    I looove the grand budapest hotel! Wes is the only man who could make me love the name Gustave, and Agatha is beautiful x
    Winston - Sacha - Max - Philip - Wilbur
    Thisbe - Helena - Juno - Hazel - Olive

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    Margot is one of my favorites too. I also like Etheline in that film.
    Other suggestions:

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    Love this thread!! I love Margot too! And for the same reason. If only I could get my husband on board (it's his favorite movie but no love for the name Margot--Whhyyy?!).

    Agatha and Gustave from The Grand Budapest Hotel are great. I also love Suzy and Sam from Moonrise Kingdom.
    Some names that remind me of Wes Anderson characters (though they aren't):

    (I just realized those are all girl names - I'll have to think more on boy names)
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