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    Emke, Indi, Lieve, Hana or Uma?

    We are considering the following names for our little girl:
    Emke (EM kuh)
    Lieve (pronounced LEE vuh)
    Hana (HAH nuh)

    My husband is Dutch but we live in the US so our names are mostly Dutch in origin. Our last name is Dutch and starts with the syllable Ho. This little one is our third, her big brother is Finn and her big sister is Milou.

    I know these names are unusual and we're trying to keep it a surprise for our families and friends, so I need help and honest opinions. Thanks!

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    Emke - very Dutch to my ears, along with Famke. I am not sure if it works in the US.
    Indi- so cute! I prefer the Indy spelling which looks complete to me. Do you like India?
    Lieve - I like everything with Li/Liv in it but I suppose people will tend to say Liv,
    Hana - why not spell it Hanna/Hannah? Unless it may seem misspelled to the most people.
    Uma - on one hand, it's simple and pretty. On the other, very one-person.
    All in all, I'd say I like Indi best with Finn and Milou.
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    I like Indi and Hana. Both are adorable and go well in your sibset!
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    I don't think I like the sound of Hana Ho...Add an "H" to Indi and you get Hindi. This name also makes me think of the Indy car race. Uma is too strongly associated with actress Uma Thurman. So that leaves Emke and Lieve. I think either one of these two would be fine with Finn and Milou.
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    Well I think Hana is the most "user-friendly" so to speak. But I think Emke and Lieve are both really cool and pretty. As an emsky, I am partial to Emke. Plus I think Lieve will have even more prn issues (leev / lee-ehv). SO Hana and Emke get my votes!
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