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Thread: Vespertine

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    New to this whole thing... I love the name! This is a full family name. Does Vespertine Rose sound too simple? or could/should I add another middle(s). I tend to like frilly names. It sounds incrediable simple to my ears? Any options?

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    I think it sounds lovely! Vespertine has a haunting quality... I'm not a fan of 2 middles, so I'd just keep it as is...
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    I'm a big fan of double middles. Vespertine is clunky, so rose simplifies it. But you could try:

    Vespertine Eulalia Rose
    Vespertine Elizabeth Rose
    Vespertine Sophie Leonie- just drop the rose and go you own route
    Vespertine Alberta Marie
    Vespertine Snowdrop Leonie
    Vespertine Louise is you want a simple option without having to use the rose mn

    Gives a list of some old family names and I'm sure nb fans will help with combos incase you don't want to use rose.

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    Vespertine Eulalia Rose sounds pretty, I really like Vespertine Alberta Marie, I'm concerned though if Marie is too much of a filler middle name. I remember in elementary school that most of the girls middle names were marie and kay. Thank You for you reply. :-)

    Here are a few old family names-

    Edith Adolphine

    Virginia- whose middle name was Elizabeth Rose
    Joyce Ernestine
    Elsie Aurelia- not sure how you say that one- anyone?
    Robin Fawn
    Elva Katherine/Catherine/Karen- all variations

    Elba- no middle name
    Cleta Philomena

    Doris Doveva- went by Dova
    Olive Alberta
    Albinia Alberta

    Violet Thomasine
    Mabel- no middle name
    Larue- no middle name

    This is all that I can remember, I hope this helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tfzolghadr View Post
    I think it sounds lovely! Vespertine has a haunting quality... I'm not a fan of 2 middles, so I'd just keep it as is...
    I was fearful of that haunting quality and that maybe rose aided that haunting perspective. But it does sound pretty, I agree! Thank you for your reply/

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