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    Therese Marion and the Clyde Challenge

    Dear Berries, I have a challenge for you: Come up with a sister for Therese Marion, using the middle name Clyde.

    Yes, Clyde on a girl. It happened when I found the name Clyde in my family tree, and wondered if it was usable. I don't love it on a boy but on a girl it's a whole different thing, so I came to Nameberry to find out what you all thought.

    My first thought was Margaret Clyde, but I think Marion and Margaret are probably too similar for sisters. Still, Therese Marion and Margaret Clyde sound good.

    How would you complement Therese Marion? Would you add another Clyde-like name to Therese Marion and make it, say, Therese Marion Tate so it matched better? Tell me what you think.

    Names (from the same time period as Therese and Marion) that I like for a sister:

    Tate and Day, to go with Clyde

    Thanks in advance,
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    I think Marion is already the perfect companion middle to Clyde... unisex, with a similar vibe.
    Therese and Margaret are sweet together.
    How about:
    Therese and Margareta Clyde
    Therese and Magdala Clyde
    Therese and Ysabel Clyde
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    I forgot to mention: If you think Theresa is better, or prefer Theresa Clyde or want to switch the order in some way, feel free. Combo is not set in stone.

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    I think Josephine Clyde would be very pretty. I love family names in the middle spot!
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