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Thread: Mira or Lena?

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    Mira or Lena?

    Which do you prefer for a baby girl, Mira or Lena?
    If Lena, which pronunciation? (Lee-na or Lay-na?)

    Baby girl's last name starts with an S, so my husband insists that that Lena (lee-na) S___ will end up sounding like "lean ass", which obviously I don't want! How noticeable is this? He seems to be leaning more towards Mira (we just eliminated Sage as one of our options) than Lena, but my in-laws prefer Lena.

    Any additional thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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    Well, it could be a problem. Although I don't think a kid will likely be thinking about lean combined with ass. I personally prefer Mina myself, I adore this name. I prefer Lena to be (lee-na) and Layna for (lay-na). It is a very pretty name though.

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    I like them both, but I prefer Lena. Pretty and sweet. I don't think Lena S is a problem at all.

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    I prefer Lena. Using Helena as her full name and Lena as a nick is one way to avoid "lean-ass" (which I think is a huge stretch anyway.)

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    I love Lena (lee-nah). I don't think that the connection that you brought up would be made that often if at all. I think it's lovely!
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