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    Ezra Middle Name?

    The husband likes Ezra James. I like something a bit more wild like Ezra Wolfgang. Our last name is one very long syllable ending in z, and is a mouthful.

    Nature, art or history inspired is a bonus for me. My husband likes something easy to spell and pronounce.


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    p.s. i love Fox for family signifigance but no matter how i try, theres no way for it to work with our last name. Also, my father who passed away isJacob so thats an option but he was always called Jay, so a J initial is a nice bonus but not a requirement. His adventurous and daring personality in a middle name, not matter J or not, would be great.

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    I agree with your husband with a name like Ezra and your last name it might be a good idea to keep the MN simple.

    I like Ezra James…also

    Ezra Julias
    Ezra Oliver
    Ezra Gabriel
    Ezra Samuel
    Ezra Benjamin
    Ezra William
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    Lisa, the husband picked out Ezra so it seems i should have dibs on the middle name. !!! ha. I can see your point on something more simple. Maybe i can think of something to still reflect my style in the middle name. The husband picked this name and our previous child. I got the pivk on our first child.

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