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    Talking And we will call her...

    Edith Isla.

    Just wanted to share our final pick with the experts. It came down to Edith Amelia vs. Edith Isla. Edith Amelia definitely flows better, but the overall effect was too historical-sounding, for me. I think Isla modernizes Edith nicely, and H ended up coming down solidly in favor of it, which confirmed the decision.

    I am in love with her name, and can't wait to meet our little girl! Thanks for all the name feedback in my previous post - it really helped us think through our top choices.

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    I like it Edith is so vintage and cute...I picture a little girl wearing a peter pan collar dress with knee socks.

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    Edith Isla is absolutely gorgeous. Your little girl is lucky to have such a beautiful name!
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    Edith Isla is a stunning name for a beautiful girl. Congratulations!
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    Love it. I actually think it flows very well, and I enjoy the unexpectedness of it! Congrats.

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