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    Back to the drawing board

    I never thought picking a name would be such a frustrating process. We keep deciding and then changing our mind. I'm 39 weeks so it's time to get serious and make a choice.

    Still planning to use Jane in the name. So far thinking of the following

    Arielle Jane (Daddy's pick)
    Elowen Jane
    Jane Lawson (family name)
    Afton Jane
    Kelsey Jane (family name)
    Emily Jane
    Devon Jane
    Laura Jane

    Any suggestions appreciated. Our boys are Stafford and Reed so would like the sibset to fit if possible. However at this point way more concerned about liking her name.

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    I really like Laura Jane. Arielle and Emily are both nice too.

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    Jane Lawson is very good with your boys and definitely my favourite. Elowen or Laura would be my second picks, the others seem too dated versus classic.

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    Elowen is my first pick followed by Arielle and then Emily
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    Since you already have a Stafford, I wouldn't use Devon or Afton (too place-namey, plus they're very unisex and their genders wouldn't be obvious on paper especially with brothers' names).

    Jane (in the first spot), Emily and Laura feel maybe a bit *too* traditional with your boys names if that's something that bothers you... I don't know. I wouldn't use them in your situation, even though I think they're lovely. I think she deserves to have a pretty middle name too rather than a surname like Lawson (if you were to use Jane).

    My choice would be Kelsey. I recently met a lovely Kelsey so maybe that's why, but it's just so soft and pretty sounding and underused right now. It's also got the same old-English origin's as your sons' names, and obviously has that family connection. Kelsey Jane is lovely.

    Secondly, through a process of elimination I'd say Elowen. I love it's meaning (elm tree) and it's so pretty sounding yet so rarely used. I don't love Arielle, and Arielle Jane isn't the best flow. I don't have anything against the name apart from the fact it sounds a bit trendy - I don't know if that bothers you or not. It's otherwise a pretty name and sounds nice with your sibset.

    Kelsey is a standout to me.
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