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    Cian vs. Kian. Which spelling yields pronunciation "Key-in"?

    Have received lots of great feedback on using the name Kian for our second son...but many people prefer the spelling 'Cian' as it is the original Gaelic spelling. However....many people pronounced this as "Sy-Ann" when we asked them to pronounce the written name.

    Any suggestions? Would one spelling make you more likely to say it as "Key-In"?? We thought using the /k/ would decrease some of the mispronunciations...
    Help Please! Middle name will either be Cruz or Blair. Last name is 2 syllables and starts with /s/ Thanks to everyone! This is so tough!

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    What about Keane? Although it may be pronounced more like "keen." Upon first glance, I would probably pronounce Cian like the color Cyan and Kian like Ian with a K at the front. Looks wise though, I think I prefer Keane or Cian.
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    I prefer Cian, but do think Kian would get you the pronunciation you want more often.

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    I much prefer Cian. If people mispronounce the name, it's them. I have only heard Cian pronounced kee-an. Prounouncing it sy-an is just wrong.
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