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    DS: Eldon Michael
    DD/DD: Emira Alice & Evanna Charlotte
    DD: Enora Victoria
    DD: Emlyn Sarah
    DS/DS: Eliah William & Everad James
    DD: Elysia Grace

    Clara & Andrew have 7 children (4 girls, 3 boys) with twins on the way. As Clara & Andrew both love reading and believe it is very important, they have given all of their children literary names. One of the girls was born premature so her middle name is a virtue name. They rest of the name have C starting middle names and the boys have A starting middle names. The twins on the way will have 'matching' names (their names could be siblings in a book or their names just sound matchy).
    Avia ♥ Annabelle ♥ Grace ♥ Thea ♥ Leah ♥ Eden

    Jacob • Noah • Joseph • Hugo • Emerson • Jasper

    Falling in love with so many others. . .

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