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    Themed Families..

    OK so i will state a theme and the next person has to follow it. For instance…

    John Jacob and Jessica Jane Jenkins have 7 children-3 boys and 4 girls-all whose first and middle names begin with J.
    The next person will then create that family
    DH: John Jacob Jenkins
    DW: Jessica Jane Jenkins
    DS: Joshua James Jenkins
    DS: Justin Jared Jenkins
    DD: Justine Jade Jenkins
    DD: Jennifer June Jenkins
    DS: Jeremy Jace Jenkins
    DD: Julianna Jean Jenkins
    DD: Jocelyn Jada Jenkins

    They will then post a new family theme for the next person to create.

    Be creative!! You can make someone post a family where all the kids initials spell out a 3 letter word, everyone has the initials BD, everyones name means fire, Everyones name ends in R, everyones name is from a certain movie, everyones name is very old fashioned…whatever you like!!!

    All you need to make sure to include in the description is the parents first and last name (middle is not necessary, but can make it more fun), how many children, and how many of each gender, and what your “theme” will be.

    I’ll start.

    Carlos Oscar Sadler and Tessa Alison Sadler have 10 children-4 boys and 3 girls. All the boys have the same initials as Dad (COS) and all the girls have the same initials as mum (TAS).

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