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    Nate & Jessa

    Abraham Jay
    Grant Way
    Harlow Mae
    Terra Faye
    Edward Shay
    Daphne Rae
    Oliver Kay

    Ada and James have 4 boys and 4 girls. Their first names all have the long "A" sound in Ada and James. Their middle names all have the same meaning.
    Teenberry ~ Rower

    Leo Frederick ~ Simon Walter ~ Henry Malachi ~ Calvin Hugo ~ Jude William ~ Ronan Clark ~ Theodore Isaac ~ Evan Atticus ~ James Dimitri ~ Soren Gabriel

    Alice Ruby ~ Eleanor Violet ~ Rose Juliet ~ Adeline Lark ~ Seraphine Olive ~ Iris Annabel ~ Eloise Wren ~ Cora Briar ~ Maeve Winter ~ Clara June

    Crushes: Truman Everest ~ Caspian Lewis ~ Eve Magnolia ~ Catherine Ivy

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    Ada & James

    Avery Blake
    Jade Evelyn
    Rachel Alena
    Nate Berthold
    Abe Lucas
    May Eleanor
    Caleb Avner
    Azalea Day
    (middle names mean light)

    James & Madeline have 5 daughters and 3 sons. All of their kids' first names come from children's books. Middle names start with the same letter as the first.

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    James and Madeline

    Alice Adeline (Alice in Wonderland)
    Charlotte Christine (Charlotte's Web)
    Matilda Margaret (Matilda)
    Harriet Hannah (Harriet the Spy)
    Eloise Edith (Eloise at the Plaza)

    Lucas Leo (The Witches)
    Charles Caleb (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
    James Joseph (James and the Giant Peach)

    Anne and John have 7 children. 4 boys and 3 girls. All of them have unique color first names to represent each color in the rainbow with middle names inspired by Hunger Games characters.
    Mom to Isaiah Gabriel (4/26/06), Zachariah Xavier (2/4/10), Obadiah Malachi (2/9/11, angel), Theodore Ronan (8/24/12, angel)

    DH Top Choices:
    Boys: Abner Moses, Elijah Sebastien, Silas Finnian, Tobias Owen
    Girls: Seraphina Rose, Abigail Rose, Aurelia Seraphina

    My Top Choices:
    Boys: Asa Malachi, Josiah Finnian, Tobiah Quentin
    Girls: Beatrice Agatha, Edith Francesca, Rosalie Seraphina

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    Anne & John
    Jasper Gale
    Clementine Primrose
    Marigold Katniss
    Vernell Finnick
    Cyan Peeta
    Indigo Caesar
    Lavender Madge

    Nick and Olivia have 6 children - 2 boys and 4 girls. Their first names are from non-Disney animated films. Their middle names are names of artists.

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    red orange yellow green blue indigo violet

    Redmond Gale (red)
    Clementine Rue (orange)
    Xanthe Cressida (yellow)
    Chloe Primrose (green)
    Sky Finnick (blue)
    Indigo Plutarch
    Viola Katniss (violet)

    Kurt and Joan Rockwell have five kids, three boys and two girls. They're named after famous rock and roll musicians and/or bands. Their middle names are popular names in the 1940s and 1950s.
    Arabella, Thibault, Sophia, Alfred, Eleanor, Rémi, Charlotte, Achille, Olivia, Clement, Elizabeth, Frederick, Maud, Benedict, Adèle.

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