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    Apr 2014
    Marilotta Eloise
    Tessandra Dorothy
    Davimere Albert
    Tomaly Norman
    Heathden Walter
    Joshelly Barnabus
    Gloravia Susannah
    Gustian Phillip
    Felirian Walter
    Bodelle Steven
    Rebbelost Pamela
    Josandie Therese
    Jedalow Lawrence

    Otto and Tiana want their 5 sons to have "strong" first names, and 2 middle names: 1st: Norwegian and 2nd: Trendy Hollywood boys names (no unisex)
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    DS: Asher Espin Dashiell
    DS: Leo Christian Bear
    DS: Silas Gunnar Beckett
    DS: Emmett Sindre Knox
    DS: Finn Magnus Bodhi

    Lola and Grant have four daughters and five sons. They all have US presidents' surnames as their firsts, and very feminine/masculine middle names.

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    DS: Jefferson Alexander
    DD: Madison Felicity
    DD: Carter Juliette
    DS: Jackson Micah
    DD: Kennedy Sabrina
    DS: Harrison James
    DS: Clinton Isaac
    DD: Monroe Genevieve
    DS: Lincoln Arthur

    Cecily and Shane want their four sons and three daughters to have historically significant names. First names after historical figures, middle names from world mythology.
    Avia | Blair | Caroline | Catalina | Elara | Evangeline | Freya | Ingrid | Louisa | Quinn | Sasha | Rosalind | Rosamund | Violet

    Alexander | Arthur | Chase | Cole | Edward | George | Gideon | Isaac | Jasper | Rhett | Rordan | Thomas | Tristan | Wyatt

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    Cecily & Shane
    Alexander Odin
    Eleanor Artemis
    William Apollo
    Theresa Ceridwen
    Abraham Evandrus
    Franklin Bast
    Victoria Indrani

    Seiji & Nastia have four daughters and 2 sons. Their children have Japanese first names and Russian middle names.

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    Seiji & Nastia
    DD: Megumi Irina
    DD: Chouko Anastasiya
    DD: Akira Evgeniya
    DD: Hikari Darya
    DS: Isamu Alexei
    DS: Hideki Denis

    Indigo & April have 8 kids (you pick genders). The first 4 have colourful first names, the next 4 have first names that are five-letters long. Their middle names must have 3 syllables or more.

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