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  • Silvia Justine (my middle name)

    12 52.17%
  • Silvia Melody (combo of our moms: Diane and Pamela)

    8 34.78%
  • Silvia Melanie (another combo of our moms: Diane and Pamela)

    2 8.70%
  • something else (open to suggestions!)

    1 4.35%
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    Silvia Poll: take two

    Down to just a few options. Justine is my middle name and the other options are a combo of our moms' names: Pamela and Diane. Hesitant to use mine, but my husband loves it and I think it sounds nice with Silvia. Would love to use our moms' names. Not sure how great of a combo it is. Couldn't pick just one of them though!

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    I think Melody is a wonderful way to combine both of your mothers names. But I voted for Justine because I think it has the nicest flow with Silvia. (I’m sure you’ve considered the Silvia spelling in depth but... I prefer Sylvia because it looks less like the word Silver. I also like the visual of Sylvia Melody while I dislike Silvia Melody from a purely visual standpoint).
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    I think Justine sounds the nicest with Silvia, but Melody is cute and clever too.
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    Justine has the best flow with Silvia by far, but the others aren't bad. It took me a minute to figure out how they honored Pamela and Diane, though!
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    I think Sylvia Justine is beautiful!

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