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    Elira - Kinda nice. Seems a bit made-up.
    Alienor - Also kinda nice. Azenor is my favorite of the Eleanor variations. I also like Aliena.
    Elysia - Lovely. Gorgeous sound and imagery.
    Rosamund - Simultaneously cute, strong, fun and straitlaced. Love it.
    Cressida - Really like it. Not the best namesake ever, but a really cool name regardless.
    Ottilie - Eh. NMS. A bit too cutesy for me. I like to see it on others, though.
    Zephyrine - I prefer just plain Zephyr on a boy, but Zephyrine is ok, too.
    Nimue - Love it. So pretty and unusual.
    Aliena - Love this one, too! I know it has "alien" in it, but it's just so pretty and Celia from As You Like It is a fantastic character (who doesn't love loyalty, kindness, and passing the Bechdel Test?)
    Cerseis - Is this a mix of Cersei and Briseis/Chryseis? It's intriguing, but I don't think it quite works. It's kind of a tongue twister and makes me think of caesarean sections.
    Noor - Love this one. It's so serene and wise-feeling.
    Elisot - I can't quite get on board with the "sot" part.
    Illyria - I adore Illyria--it's a gorgeous sound despite the "ill" beginning, and I love Twelfth Night.
    Hespera - Eh. NMS. I feel like H as a first initial makes everything look frumpier, in most cases.
    Olwen - I like the vibe, but not the sound.
    Ostara - Pretty. O-names are awesome.
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    I only like Cressida, especially with nickname Essie.
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    Like: Elira, Rosamund, Cressida, Noor, Olwen.
    The rest is just, meh or not usable for my taste.

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    My favorites are Elira, Elysia, and Hespera.
    Elira- I haven't heard this before, but it's very pretty! I would pronounce it el-ee-rah.
    Alienor- I prefer Eleanor and its variants but it's a nice name. I would pronounce it ay-lee-en-oor.
    Elysia- This is one of my two guilty pleasure names. I love the greek connection and the meaning. I would pronounce it el-ee-see-ah.
    Rosamund- Nice, but not my favorite Ros- name. I would pronounce it rose-uh-mund.
    Cressida- Pretty, but I can't imagine it on a little girl. I would pronounce it cress-ee-dah.
    Ottilie- It's ok, sort of pretty, but not my favorite. I would pronounce it aw-til-ee.
    Zephyrine- I like it alright, but I can't see it as a first name for a person. It's a nice middle name, though. I would pronounce it zeh-fir-een.
    Nimue- I'm not very fond of it, and the sound isn't nice to my ears. I would pronounce it nih-myoo.
    Aliena- I only see the word Alien in it, and I can't figure how you would pronounce it. ay-lee-en-ah? ah-lee-ay-nah?
    Cerseis- Is this a combination of Cersei and Briseis? I like it better in theory than in reality. I would pronounce it seer-sees.
    Noor- Noor has been growing on me lately, but it's not one of my favorites.
    Elisot- I think this is a mashup of Elise and Eliot? I don't like it very much. I would pronounce it el-ih-sot.
    Illyria- I like Illyria, it reminds me of Elysia. But I don't like it as much. I would pronounce it ill-eer-ee-ah.
    Hespera- Hespera is actually really pretty, like a mix between Vesper and Hera. I would pronounce it heh-spare-ah.
    Olwen- This reminds me of a fairy. It's very light. I like it ok. I would pronounce it ohl-wen.
    Ostara- Its pretty, but not my favorite. Still nice, though. I would pronounce it oh-stah-rah.
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    Elira--Pretty, sort of like a name in a fantasy novel
    Alienor--All I see is "alien"
    Elysia--one of my favorites!
    Rosamund--lovely and classic
    Cressida--not my style, but it's a nice name
    Ottilie--Very cool!
    Zephyrine--I've considered this name too, so I think it's beautiful.
    Nimue--pretty, but hard to figure out the pronunciation
    Aliena--again, "alien"
    Cerseis--Reminds me of Circe and Cersei, neither of which are likable characters...
    Elisot--Sounds like a boy's name.
    Illyria--Another fave
    Hespera--not a fan of names with "hesp"
    Olwen--love it!
    Ostara--very interesting
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