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    Pronunciation of Findlay

    How do you pronounce Findlay? Is the 'd ' silent? To me it's a more masculine way of spelling Finley. I would probably use nn Finn most of the name but I think Findlay goes better with my top name Maxwell than Finn.

    Would you go with...

    Maxwell and Finn
    Maxwell and Findlay
    Maxwell and Finlay

    All combos would go by Max and Finn
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    Nameberry says it's a variation of Finlay, so I'd guess the d is silent. While I agree it makes Finley more masculine, I don't like this spelling at all. It doesn't look like a name to me. I would go with Maxwell and Finn, because Finlay sounds like a girl name to me.

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    Yes the D is silent. It's a relatively common surname here & often spelt with the silent D.

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    Isn't it Finn-lay my second cousin has a son named Finlay and it is said different to Finley which is more Finn-lee
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    I say Findlay/Finlay/Finley all the same... FIN-lee.

    I know several boys with various spellings of the name and none of them are said fin-LAY. They're all different Anglicizations of Fionnlagh, but they're all pronounced the same.

    I like Finlay best, especially with Maxwell. You don't really need to worry about it feeling feminine since Finlay/Finley is very rarely used on girls in the UK (it's a very American trend to use Irish male names on girls, I don't get it and thankfully neither does the rest of Britain).
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