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    I love...


    I like...

    Aramis (air-uh-miss)

    I dislike...

    Aeson (ace-in)
    All the best,

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    I love Andrew! I like Atticus. Really dislike most of the rest.

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    Aiden - Nice, but overused. Why not go with the traditional spelling "Aidan"?
    Aeson - I like Ace more than Aeson. Aeson seems made up, but it's decent enough.
    Axel - Love.
    Andrew - Love. Especially with the nickname Andy.
    Angus - Dislike. Gus is a fantastic name/nickname, but Angus just reminds me of cows.
    Ansel - Okay. Kind of reminds me of Hansel and Gretel.
    Anthony - Okay. I prefer it as a middle name.
    Aramis - I like it for a middle name.
    Aras - Not really fond of either pronunciation. Something just seems off.
    Artemas - Artemis is a Greek goddess. Can't see it on a boy.
    Asher - I used to really like this name, but lately I've really started to dislike it. I'm not sure why.
    Ashton - Okay. It reminds me of Ashton Kutcher. I don't know if you consider that bad or good.
    Atticus - Too connected with To Kill a Mockingbird for me, but it is a great name. I like it a lot.

    Our styles are very different, but I think that they're pretty nice overall.

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    Aiden - I prefer Adrian. Aiden feels very modern to me. Adrian has a similar flair and feel but has a little old world added in.
    Aeson (ace-in) - nms.
    Axel - I love Axel. Very spunky.
    Andrew - nice, safe and sweet.
    Angus - I think this is difficult unless you are very Irish. I also usually think of the beef first.
    Ansel - I really should love it, but... I just don’t. It’s a handsome and fine name, it’s just a little lacking to me.
    Anthony - I prefer the simpler Anton - I also really dislike Tony so that probably doesn’t help.
    Aramis (air-uh-miss) - interesting, choice and I rather like it. Though it does reminds me of my future FIL’s favorite after-shave scent.
    Aras (air-us, or r-us)
    Artemas - I prefer Artemis, I realize she’s a female goddess but after reading Eoin Fowler’s Artemis Fowl series I just love this name for a boy. (Plus there is nothing wrong with naming your son after a female figure we do it for girls - naming them after male figures - all the time).
    Asher - I prefer Asher to Ashton -> neither is really my style.
    Atticus - Atticus comes up on NB A LOT. It’s a nice solid name with great literary roots and history. I think I’ve heard it here so much I might be a little board with it at the moment. That said, I’m sure it’s not as frequently used everywhere else and in RL I’m sure it would be rather refreshing.
    proud of our little Lorelei (may 2016)

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    Love, love, love Atticus! It is one of my favorite boy's names, and by far my favorite of the names you listed.

    I am also quite fond of Aramis -- it's so unique and elegant.

    Aras feels appealing in a quirky way to me. I think I prefer Aramis, though.

    I'm not a huge fan of just reminds me of Angus beef, to be completely honest.

    I want to like Andrew more, but it just seems a bit plain to me. I can definitely see it growing on me, though.

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