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  • Ariadne

    12 16.22%
  • Colette

    10 13.51%
  • Madeline

    10 13.51%
  • Marina

    7 9.46%
  • Rosaline

    6 8.11%
  • Layla/Leila

    10 13.51%
  • Louisa

    11 14.86%
  • Emma

    7 9.46%
  • Nicoletta

    1 1.35%
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    Names I may add to my list, which is your favorite?

    I'm pondering these names, tell me which is your favorite and why (or you can give your opinions on all of them).
    Here are the names, possible nns in quotations:
    AriadneAddie, Aria, Ari, Nini”
    MadelineMaddie, Mae” (ending pronounced like the word line)
    Marina "Marnie, Rina"
    Rosaline "Rozie" (Roz-uh-lien, same ending as Madeline)
    Layla/Leila (which spelling do you prefer)
    Louisa "Lulu, Lilou"
    Nicoletta "Colette, Etta"

    Be on the look out for my boys version. Thanks berries!
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    Have a fabulous day!

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    Louisa is my favorite!

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    Rosaline and Ariadne are probably my two favorites, but Emma is lovely too (even if she's so popular).
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    Ariadne's my favourite by far. On this list, she seems to be out on her own in terms of style, being a less common and 'exotic' type choice, and as that style is more my own, she, of course, got my vote.

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    I voted for Layla as she's on my own list, with this spelling ;P bit biased haha. My second choice would be Marina or Louisa. Maddie is so overdone where I live - I can't really back the 'Mad' names in the first name spot now :/

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