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    I think calling it "poor man's" may not be the best way to look at it...considering it's history. Less common, yes, more difficult for Americans to pronounce, yes. Will people think you wanted Owen but were too good for a common name? I don't think that's likely, but I'm pretty sure a great deal of people will hear/say it as ew-in not yoo-in, the sound combination is a hard one for some English speakers and the spelling isn't intuitive. I think it might depend on your area too, and the local accent. One way to get a good idea..ask a bunch of people to pronounce it, then correct them if they are wrong and see if they can manage to get it right.

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    I think Ewan is much different to Owen, and considering Ewan McGregor I wouldn't consider pronunciation to be a huge issue.

    Have you heard of Huon?
    (Hugh-uhn) I find him very handsome, although probably not easier to pronounce than Ewan. I can never decide which one I like better; Owen, Ewan and Huon all have similar qualities, but also seem to be very different names.

    Huon is a nice tie to my Tasmanian heritage, so that makes him preferable to me!
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    Is Euan an acceptable spelling?
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    I love Ewan--I've never heard of it being associated with a low economic status. That's seems really strange to me. But then, the only one I know of is Ewan McGregor, who is of course a movie star. I think a lot of people who might be otherwise unfamiliar know how to pronounce the name because of him.

    On the other hand, I have an Owen and I think it sounds fantastic with Nora. My Owen is just a toddler, but so far we haven't run into any others (in day care, or kids of friends and acquaintances). I'm sure we will, and I'm not denying its popularity, but sometimes numbers don't translate directly to personal experience....

    Umm my boyfriend just explained to me that the phrase 'poor man's _______' isn't literal... Oops!! Lol
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    I pronounce this like E-win. I *may have* heard the actor Ewan McGregor say his name like this. Maybe it was you-in.
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