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  • June Reverie

    9 7.44%
  • Annika Charlotte

    15 12.40%
  • Nora Adelina

    8 6.61%
  • Liesel Seraphina

    8 6.61%
  • Ramona Winter

    17 14.05%
  • Luella Jane

    8 6.61%
  • Mabel Irina

    8 6.61%
  • Rosemary Blythe

    10 8.26%
  • Elisabeth Wren

    26 21.49%
  • Beatrix Sage

    12 9.92%
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    Poll: Favorite Girls

    I would love to see some feedback for my top ten girls names. Also, if you could comment on what you like about certain names/don't love about others it would be super helpful. I would also like to hear sibling combinations if you think any would go together particularly well!

    Link to boy's list:
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    I voted for Rosemary Blythe as the top choice. I think it's lovely.

    The other ones I like:
    Ramona Winter

    Ones that I would change:
    I love Nora, I think it would flow better if you used Nora Adeline as opposed to Adelina in the middle.

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    jtucker - I'm glad you like Rosemary and Ramona, those two are new for me. I just love nicknames Romy/Ro. And maybe Nora Adeline flows a bit better, but I kind of love the scandinavian feel that Nora Adelina has...

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    I love Beatrix, but it slurs together and sounds hissy with Sage. I'd switch things up so you have Beatrix Wren and Elisabeth Sage. Beatrix Winter and Ramona Sage would also be lovely.
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    1. Liesel Seraphina -- a gorgeous little gem indeed!
    2. Annika Charlotte -- great names, that look and sound really great together.
    3. Rosemary Blythe -- I adore Blythe, and though I'm not too keen on Rosemary myself, she is a good strong name.
    4. June Reverie -- although I'm not overly keen on June (like Juno a lot though), I do love Reverie.

    Luella Jane is my very least favourite -- I'm really not keen on Luella at all, and as I tend to see both names as rather dated, there's just no wow in the combo, you know? I'd prefer Beatrix Jane and Luella Sage.
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