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    Berries, please choose the names you think sound best with Asher and Bennett.

    Please choose the names from these lists that sound the best with Asher Boone and Bennett Wolf. Most of the names honor family or have special meaning. Feel free to mix and match the names if you want. Piers Lachlan, Roan August, Story Anneliese, and Noelle Eira are the only ones that have special meaning together as combos.

    Lilia Rose
    Waverly ?
    Sophie Wren
    Isabel Poet
    Livia Clementine
    Elle Clementine
    Anna Lavender
    Noelle Eira
    Adeline Briar
    Vivienne Azure
    Madeleine Snow
    Story Anneliese
    Sadie Wynn
    Ella Rose
    Mia Pearl
    Coralie Winter
    Teagan ?

    Jack Wilder
    David Atlas
    Grant Hawthorne
    Crew Rafferty
    Oakley ?
    Kai Atlas
    Lincoln ?
    Espen Rigby
    Piers Lachlan
    Gray Everett
    Roan August
    Finley Orion
    Wilder Pax or Wilder Thackeray
    Bodhi Wilder
    Paxton ?
    Henry Birch
    Miles Holden
    Liam Birch
    Emerson Gray
    Maddox ?
    Rhys ?
    Rory ?
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    Piers Lachlan Wilder | Henry Oliver Birch | Jack Rowan August
    Sophie Elizabeth Fable | Emma Jane Magnolia | Lily Anne Vesper
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    Asher Boone and Bennett Wolf.


    Lilia Rose, *Sophie Wren, Adeline Briar, *Madeleine Snow, Story Anneliese, *Coralie Winter

    The ?? names perhaps- *Teagan Eira? *Harper Noelle?


    *Grant Hawthorne, Gray Everett, *Roan August, *Finley Orion, Miles Holden,* Emerson Gray

    *Maddox Birch?
    Rhys Oakley?
    *Rory Paxton?

    My faves are **

    Hope that helped you narrow it a little.. x

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    I like Piers Lachlan and Roan August (although I do prefer the Rowan spelling in order to avoid the horse coat colour association). Sorry but I don't care for your girls choices of Noelle Eira and Story Anneliese. They seem kind of flimsy compared to the boys and they're also different in style. I would just use them as two middle name choices. Also, Noelle Eira doesn't flow very well due to the back-to-back e's.

    From your list, I think these names work well with Asher and Bennett.

    Lilia Rose - this is a little theme-y with the Lily and Rose connection but they do sound good together.
    Sophie Wren - friendly and quirky
    Isabel Poet - classic and quirky. Noelle would be not be an option if you chose Isabel. I think the name Isabel is much better "fit" with the boys.
    Vivienne Azure - this has a magical and mysterious quality
    Madeleine Snow - the name reminds me of actress Madeleine Stowe. I think it looks and sounds quite lovely.
    Sadie Wynn - a little sweetness and Southern sass all rolled into one!

    Jack Wilder - this combo has an outdoorsy, carefree vibe to it. Jack Hawthorne would be lovely too.
    David Atlas - David is a little more traditional and serious than the other boys but
    Grant Hawthorne - if you don't mind Bennett and Grant both ending in "t", this would be a handsome choice.
    Lincoln - strong name with a great namesake. What about Rhys as a mn choice?
    Piers Lachlan - aristocratic spunk
    Finley Orion - a spunky fn with an otherworldly mn
    Henry Birch - this guy just sounds very important! Henry is serious like David but it works.
    Miles Holden - this is a great match for a brother to Asher and Bennett.
    Emerson Gray - this combo is handsome and distinguished.
    All the best,

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    I wanted to shout out a quick thank you before I went to bed. I will read your comments more thoroughly tomorrow. In skimming, I see you both like Emerson Gray, I keep going back to this combo. I find it to be so handsome. Bailibsmum, I love the suggestion of Rory Paxton.
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    Any more thoughts, please?
    Piers Lachlan Wilder | Henry Oliver Birch | Jack Rowan August
    Sophie Elizabeth Fable | Emma Jane Magnolia | Lily Anne Vesper
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