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View Poll Results: Flick, Folly, Poppet or Poppy?

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  • Flick

    12 27.91%
  • Folly

    3 6.98%
  • Poppet

    15 34.88%
  • Poppy

    13 30.23%
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    All are really cute. I would avoid Flick simply because it's short and from my (extensive!) experience with cats they usually respond better to two syllable names. My current two are Gandalf and Hamish, both know their names and respond to them although they don't always do as they're told!
    I think Poppy is cute but Folly is more unique (although I've just remembered a friend who had a dog called Folly).
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    Poppy is adorable.
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    I like Poppy and Folly but voted for Poppy. I always end up calling my pets by nicknames that end in a y sound for some reason. I have a cat named Heathcliff and his name is pretty much Heathy now lol.

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    Thanks everyone! So far we're leaning towards Poppet, but still unsure! Anyone else like to weigh in?

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    Poppet or Poppy are my favorites from you list.
    ...if my husbands has no vote, then....
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