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Thread: Orry?

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    Hmmm how to write this.... Maybe it's just the awful mind of a teenager..... Orry is one letter off from something else. Switch the second r with a g. Awks in a box.
    If you don't see that, or try to ignore it, then Orry could be a cute nickname. How about Ori? nn for Orion?
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    I know an Ori, her fiullname is Oriana. I like the suggestions of Orwin and Orion and I prefer the Ori speling of the nickname for both genders

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    I know multiple grown men/fathers named Ori. Just Ori. I like it.

    I like Oren too. Nice nature name.

    They don't sound "young" to me, but they do sound Israeli.

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    I thought Ori was pronounced differently, though? With a long o as in cone rather than short as in con?

    Orry and orgy are not that similar in pronunciation, I really wouldn't have any worries about that.

    I'm definitely keeping Orri on my list for further consideration, since logically I know there are plenty of grown men and fathers named Orri, including the drummer from Sigur Rós. I just moved it down a bit.
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    My pet birdie is named Orry lol.
    I like it as a nn maybe for Orin.
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