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    Can't decide: Sylvie, Sela, or Cadence

    Can't narrow it down just yet between these 3. We have until June (hopefully) but I would really like to decide soon If we choose Sela, we would pronounce it see-la. I prefer the alternate spelling, Selah, but I know that there are more variations (say-la, seh-la). I don't want to use either of these pronunciations. Here are some combination ideas for our names:

    Sylvie June
    Sylvie Rebekah
    Sylvie Madeline
    Sylvie Lorelei
    Sylvie Vance
    Sylvie Benton (my dad's name was Vance Benton. We don't plan on having any more children-just our 2 sweet girls)

    Cadence Laurel
    Cadence Everly
    Cadence Rebekah

    Sela Vance
    Sela Benton
    Sela June

    I am open to suggestions or any thoughts on the list. We don't like old, long drawn out names. I like some of the older ones but prefer fairly short and sweet Big sister is Makenna Maris. Last name 1 syllable beginning with C.
    Thank you!

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    I think Makenna and Sylvie sound the best together. I really like Sylvie Madeleine and Sylvie June. Sylvie Vance and Sylvie Benton are a bit too... boyish. You could honor your father with variations such as:
    Sylvie Vanessa
    Sylvie Vanna
    Sylvie Veda
    Sylvie Vana
    Sylvie Vanille
    Sylvie Vania

    Sylvie Benedicta
    Sylvie Bernadette
    Sylvie Benjamina
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    My favorite from your list is defiantly Sylvie, I like Sylvie Madeline and Sylvie Rebekah. I also really really like Cadence with Makenna, my favorite being Cadence Rebekah.

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    I think Cadence sounds best with big sister Makenna. Cadence Laurel is really pretty.
    Theodore Arthur

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