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    I've loved the name Elizabeth for a long time, but recently I really like it spelled Elisabeth. I was just wondering what everyone thought of the name, and also whether it really matters or makes a difference with how it's spelt.

    Also, I really like Morgan as a middle name (and it honours a family member), but just wondering if anyone has some other middle name suggestions I can consider.
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    Elisabeth Morgan is gorgeous! I like Elizabeth, but I adore Elisabeth a little bit more (thanks to my ex-roommate).
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    I prefer Elisabeth to Elizabeth, I think it has a prettier and softer feel to it. In French, Elisabeth has an accent on the 'E', and I think that's a beautiful way of spelling it, although I think if you're not from a country that speaks French, most people would forget about the accent. Elisabeth Morgan flows nicely, even though Morgan isn't really my style. I like how it would be honouring a member of your family. Here are some names that I think work well with Elisabeth:

    Elisabeth Sophie
    Elisabeth Isla
    Elisabeth Grace
    Elisabeth Aveline (LOVE this one)
    Elisabeth Rose
    Elisabeth Mathilde
    Elisabeth Jane

    Hope I've helped.
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    While Elizabeth is more classy and vintage, Elisabeth is newer, rarer and prettier. I personally like Elisabeth more and I think that Elisabeth Marie sounds really really nice :-)

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