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  • January

    15 9.49%
  • March

    4 2.53%
  • April

    17 10.76%
  • May

    27 17.09%
  • June

    31 19.62%
  • July

    5 3.16%
  • August

    39 24.68%
  • September

    1 0.63%
  • November

    16 10.13%
  • December

    3 1.90%
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    March for a boy. It's strong and quirky.

    I love August too. I would use that or Austen but DH is not a fan.

    My Grans mn was Auguste so I would use Augusta, or Augusti as a mn for a girl.

    For girls fn's Junia and Junie, and Mae/ Maia seem so feminine and classy.

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    No October? Cause I like that. I also like variants of June & April
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    What's wrong with February and October

    My choice would be May. Second choices would be June and August.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahmezz View Post
    What's wrong with February and October

    My choice would be May. Second choices would be June and August.
    Ha ha nothing at all but the system only allows ten choices!

    Love the nn of Nova for November that is interesting.

    How interesting that so many love August and its derivatives a few years ago it was virtually unknown.

    I thought that we may get more love for May.

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    I chose August (for a boy), not only because of the great weather and the holidays, but also because it was the name of the main (male) character in a really touching and feel good book I read called Wonder. I definitely wouldn't change it to any other August variation; I love it as it is!
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