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View Poll Results: What month would your baby be named after?

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  • January

    15 9.49%
  • March

    4 2.53%
  • April

    17 10.76%
  • May

    27 17.09%
  • June

    31 19.62%
  • July

    5 3.16%
  • August

    39 24.68%
  • September

    1 0.63%
  • November

    16 10.13%
  • December

    3 1.90%
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    The only month I would ever consider for a name is May. But, one of my favorite months is January (and the month I voted for). I love the way everything looks so beautiful after a snowfall, and I love having the fireplace on and the family together.
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    My second son is actually named August. I have two reasons I named him that, neither of which have anything to do with the month. 1. It was the name of this boy who went to another school when I was in school and all the girls were in love with him including me! It was a very rare name and he was just so bad ass! And I wanted my son to be handsome and bad ass! Lol. 2. Come to find out it was also a family name on my mothers side. Both of my great grandpas were named August on that side of the family.

    If I were to choose another month (though I couldn't since I already have one) I would choose June! Absolutely love that name too.

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    I think November is quirky and sweet for a girl with nickname Nova or Ember.. No particular reason for this month, it just sounds cool to me
    And August is handsome and strong for a boy plus the nickname Auggie is cute, bonus points for it being my birth month!

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    I love April, but I've voted November because I think that's very wearable as well.
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    I would choose August for a boy simply because it's the only one that feels like a name to me because of it's familiarity to Augustin and Augustus. I don't like any of the others for a girl, but if I had to choose I would go with June or May.

    Could I have your thoughts in this thread? I'll return the favor.

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