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    How old are these names

    This list has nothing -or little- to do with our current quest to name baby no. 3. These are the names I suggested that my husband vetoed not once, but twice from the girl's list.

    He feels, as do most people, that they are too old and charmless for their "middle age" lady aura. Except for Briar which he thinks is too silly.

    Whad are your thoughts on my never-going-to-happen list?


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    Personally the only one I don't see coming back for a while is Mavis. I love Maude and Mabel, and see the appeal in Agnes, Briar and Enid.

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    Enid - I hate this so much! It has such a nasal sound to it, no appeal to me whatsoever. This is too Downton Abbey to me.
    Mabel - This is old ladyish but with what I think of as Farm Charm. I don't mind it but its NMS. What about Maple?
    Maude - I will forever think of Maude Flanders, so this is very much a churchy housewife name to me.
    Mavis - This is probably your best one here. I prefer Maeve though, it is more vibrant sounding.
    Briar - This is a little out there but more appealing than some of your other ones. I like it more as a middle.
    Agnes - I find this name awkward & uncomfortable & bitter-old-ladyish. As much as Despicable Me tried to change that
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    I really don't EVER see Enid coming back, I'm sorry. There's just nothing appealing about this name to me.

    Briar is okay. The others I LOVE. I'd be thrilled to be named Maude, Mabel, Mavis, or Agnes.
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    Aww Berries you're breaking my heart my love for Enid knows no bounds.

    But seriously, I understand. Some names are only good in our head and since my husband is absolutely against them there is no risk for a future Enid or Agnes here.

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