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    Ansel is a bit softer than Viggo to me, not sure that I can really see it on a girl though....maybe Adair, Annika or Annelie?
    It could definitely work on a girl, but .... I don't know that I love it
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    Thanks everyone! We aren't specifically looking to honor Ann, just kind of thought it was a benefit of Ansel. We don't like super girly names so if one or both twins end up being girls, they will have a gender neutral name at best. I think Ansel is definitely a contender for either gender! Also, for a boy we like Axel and Gunnar if we don't use Ansel. For a girl, we have nothing :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by sugarplumfairy View Post
    My first thought was Viggo & Axel!
    I did too! Viggo and Axel would make a great sibset. Here are my other suggestions, apologies for any repeats:


    Viggo and Astrid
    Viggo and Xenia
    Viggo and Benedikte
    Viggo and Ingrid
    Viggo and Louise
    Viggo and Liesel
    Viggo and Amelie
    Viggo and Sophia


    Viggo and Ivo
    Viggo and Christian
    Viggo and Alexander (I love the nickname Xander for Alexander - Viggo and Xander would make a cool sibset)
    Viggo and Johann
    Viggo and Nathaniel
    Viggo and Milo
    Viggo and Ivan
    Viggo and Jonothan
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    Viggo and Ansel would go really nicely together... if Ansel is a boy. It's a boys name and there are so many other An- names to honour an Ann.

    With Viggo, I like:
    Anna (she's a classic, can't go wrong with her)
    Annika (sounds very much like a Scandinavian set of names)
    Anouk (my favourite, it doesn't get better than Viggo and Anouk)
    Antoinette (probably a bit too much of a name)
    Anwen (it has a rugged feeling that goes nicely with Viggo)

    But again, for boys Viggo and Ansel would be great. I also really like Viggo and Axel - there has been two Danish princes (brothers, naturally) named Viggo and Axel. I do prefer Aksel to Axel though.
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    Thanks everyone! If we do Axel instead of Ansel, then we will spell it Axel since I'm swedish. I like the look of Aksel, but my swedish family won't like that it's spelled the Danish way

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