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    "Unisex" names vs. gender ambiguous names

    I wanted to ask everyone's opinion on this. I hope I am explaining the thought correctly.

    Do you think there is a difference between names that are currently considered unisex (Morgan, Ashley, etc.) or even gender bending (I am looking at you Elliot) and names that are gender ambiguous? Do you know of any names that you feel fit in the 2 categories? Example: For me, I do look at the concepts differently. I considering names like Evan and Morgan (and sadly this on a boy) to be "unisex", however I see most nature names as being gender ambiguous as they do not really denote a gender - other than the obvious Rose and the like. I see unisex as being names that are established as being for either gender through historical use. Gender ambiguous names are not assigned to either gender and can be used either way because of that - if that makes sense.
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