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    I just wanted to say that Phoenix is a symbol that is designated as a feminine symbol in China, so that is a female only name for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bailibsmum View Post
    I get told my kids names spesh my daughters name is chavvy all the time its not.. but hey ho how people like to think is up to them.

    Bailey< BOY - Not girl.

    Peyton <Girl- not boy

    Ashton< That is unisex if spelt different i.e Ashtyn (would say that was a fem version)

    There are many unisex names i see as being 1 gender not both

    but as eliot /elliott goes i can actually see this as being 2 genders but it has been made that was through the series scrubs i believe as the charater called elliot on there. I went through likeing hte name dsplet Elliette as can be used as Ellie for a girl- But mrs nephew is an Elliott.

    Oh and P.S Dani/ Danie/ Danni is girls nickname of danielle name Danny/dan boys nickname of daniel.

    As i am a dani and have a male friend called Danny (yes it can get a bit confuzzling) but at the end of the day danny is a boy and dani a girl to me.. dani as a boy looks wrong.
    The Elliot in Scrubs was given her name specifically because it was a boy name and her parents wanted a boy. Elliott has only recently been used as a girl name in the US, it showed up on the charts two years ago. It's been popular as a boy's name as long as we've had records, and not at the bottom either. It's hovered around 300 the whole time.

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    Some really rigid berries here would tell you there's no unisex names, but I disagree.
    Unisex - currently used for both genders. Gender ambiguous = unisex.

    Some word names are nothing but unisex, (River, Rowan).

    Just because Ashley was once a only a male name, doesn't mean it is still only a male name. Culture changes like I change socks.
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