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    Thank you for the suggestions. I like Leopold and Damian, but I don't think I would use them. I'm not sure about the flow with Damian and Elijah Leopold might be too 'L' heavy.

    I also like Icarus, but more as a guilty pleasure name. I think it'd be really sweet on on cat.

    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    Could you make a list of the names you like with Elijah, as well as a list of names you like but don't think sound good with Elijah?

    It also would help to have some sort of criteria to go off of, as "uncommon" is extremely broad and you seem to be looking for a very specific type of name.
    In a past thread/poll I had narrowed it down to four combinations: Elijah Balthazar, Elijah Perseus, Elijah Augustus and Elijah Roland. I've noticed since that I tend to prefer names that are 3 syllable or more.

    Some names Iike, but don't go well with Elijah:
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    Simon Frederick ~ Walter Lewis ~ Charles August ~ Thomas

    Eleanor Violet ~ Alice Ruby ~ Rose Juliet

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    Thank you for the suggestions!

    Elijah Dean - I absolutely adore Dean, but not with Elijah.
    Elijah Donovan - I don't like Donovan.
    Elijah Dominic - I'm not a fan of Dominic.
    Elijah Morgan - I love Morgan, but the flow feels off. Eli Morgan flows better, but I love Elijah.
    Elijah Conrad - An old combo of mine! Now that I see it again I'm kind of liking it.
    Elijah Marshall - I don't like Marshall.
    Elijah Oberon - Oberon is interesting. I don't like it with Elijah though.
    Elijah Solomon - I'm not a fan of Solomon.
    Elijah Vincent - I like Vincent, but not with Elijah.
    Elijah Francis - I like Francis, but not with Elijah. I also prefer the feminine variant Frances.
    Elijah Pierce - I'm not a fan of Pierce.
    Elijah Reid - I do like Reid, but it's too close to Rhys.
    Elijah Rupert - I'm not a fan of Rupert.

    Elijah Gannon - The sound appeals to me, but I always think Teen Mom.
    Elijah Peter - Peter is growing on me, but it doesn't flow well with Elijah.
    Elijah Anthony - I much prefer Anton. Anthony does nothing for me.
    Elijah Gideon - I love Gideon, but not with Elijah.
    Elijah Marcus - Too close to Marcellus.
    Elijah Peregrine - Kind of appeals to me, but I'm not 100%.
    Elijah Walter - I like Walter, but not with Elijah.
    Elijah Wallace - I'm not a fan of Wallace, though the nickname Wally would be sweet.
    Elijah Frederick - I like Freddie and Fred, but I can't get behind Frederick.
    Elijah Thatcher - I don't like Thatcher.
    Elijah Fletcher - I'm not a fan of Fletcher.
    Elijah Jericho - I don't like Jericho.

    I think I'm going to bow out and put Elijah on my middle name list. I just can't find a middle that I completely love with it.
    Dany (Also known as Athena Danielle)
    Auntie to Q | Momma to a kit named Zola Bastet
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