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    I need a baby girl name I LOVEEEEE!!

    Hi Ladies...

    I am now 25 weeks pregnant and we are team yellow.. we have a few boys names picked out which we like and will choose one of them when or if we have a litte boy.. the boy names we love are Locke and Brodie/Brody not sure how we will spell it yet.. I love Locke though.

    Sooo now this is the hard part we need a baby girl name... the only one we loved was Phoenix but this is a tongue twister with our surname so its a no go

    We love unusual names so pleaseeee give me ideas

    xxx Thank-you xxx

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     Baby  boy

    Hannelore Moon . Esmeralda Poppy . Tilly Rune . Maisie Eluned
    Endymion Albert . Viggo Edmund . Omri Leo . Sutton Charles
    . . .

    MAYBE: Sage Zephyrine - Boheme Isobel - Euphemia Eden - Thomasina Amelie
    Marsden Pax - Eyvind ??? - Errol Johannes - Ambrose Adair - Maxwell Rainier

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    les filles ~ Audrey Cordelia Eliza Fiona Hazel Lucy Mabel Viola

    les garçons ~ August Charles Griffin Hugo Isaac Jude Lachlan Theodore

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    I like Aspen, OH has just told me he likes Trixy what do you think of it? xx

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